There are a number of wonderful schools in the area. Our local school Woodend Primary is the closest and with whom we have a school transition programme. When your child reaches 4 years and is enrolled in the school, some of the teachers in Clutha will take a small group of children to visit the school. The importance of this is that children are familiar with their preschool environment and they know their teachers, so they are taking this comfort with them when they visit somewhere new, while they become confident in a new place.


Here's a list of some schools in the surrounding areas;

Woodend - Woodend Primary.

Pegasus / Waikuku - Waikuku Primary.

Tuahiwhi - Tuahiwhi Primary.

Rangiora - Ashgroove School, Rangiora Borough SchoolRangiora New Life SchoolWest Eyreton SchoolSouthbrook School.

Loburn - North Loburn SchoolLoburn School.

Swannanoa - Swannanoa School.

Fernside - Fernside School.

Leithfield - Leithfield School.



Learning doesn’t begin when children start school, it begins at birth. By the time children have turned three, they have already begun to lay the foundation for the skills and abilities that will help them succeed in school.



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