Clutha - School Transition


Here at Acorn Early childcare we understand the importance of a smooth transition between preschool and school. To aid this transition we have a strong focus on routine within our room. We endeavour to have our children leaving Acorn with a strong sense of self regulation and developing skills in reading, writing and maths. We begin basic letter/name recognition, counting/ numbers, writing name and numbers.

As part of our programme once a week have a lunch box day which means we provide some food for the children to pack their own lunch boxes which they then eat at lunch time. This is an excellent opportunity for children to practice their fine motor skills of opening packets, pulling yogurt lids, finding the tap of cheese or even just to twist the lid of a drink bottle. These may all seem small but to a child is a huge accomplishment to open it by themself. Guiding children through everyday routines so that they are comfortable and competent is very important to us that they can go out into the world and continue to access these skills no matter where they are as they already have the knowledge.


A child’s social-emotional development is as important as their brain and physical development. It is their desire to connect with others that motivates them to learn. Their sense of who they are in the world deeply  mpacts how much and how well they learn, as well as the quality of the relationships they build with others.



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