Hours & Pricing

20 ECE hours FREE 3yrs and over!

WINZ subsidies are available!

We don't have sessions, so you can book when you want and what you want!

OPEN 7am - 6pm (caters to the working family).


We ask for your co-operation in dropping off and collecting children within our operating hours although we do have an a 10mintue leway for our families as we understand sometimes things do happen that are beyond your control. If at any time you have an emergency and are going to be delayed please contact the centre. For booking we do recommend more than one day a week for the child as it can seem like such a long time in between sessions and this can make it difficult for settling in.

Before your child starts attending, we encourage you to spend some time in the centre together, so your child gets to know the place, the sights, sounds, smells, toys and people. We recommend regular visits in the weeks leading up to your start date, with visits that gradually get a little longer. If your child sees you’re enjoying yourself, and feeling relaxed and happy, they are more likely to settle themselves- children react to a parent’s emotions, so it’s important they see you interacting with the environment and the teachers in a relaxed manner. When your child officially starts at our centre they will already be familiar with the teachers and the other children.



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